If you Invested in Pibwasser this week, its Time to Sell!


The Grand Theft Auto V community has gathered together to test the BAWSAQ online stock market this past weekend with Pibwasser (PIS +53.19%) being the stock targeted for this stock market manipulation test. If you’ve bought stock in Pibwasser, its definitely time to sell! As its only going to hit rock bottom, if the stock system works how its suppose ... Read More »

Manipulating the Stock Market


This is a short demonstration on how to manipulate the stock market, in order for this to be effective, you’ll need to spend time and money and make sure you buy at the right time and sell at the right time. The best example of making money from stocks is to manipulate rival companies. FlyUS and AirEmu are good examples ... Read More »

Why Investing in LifeInvader is a Bad Move


The stock for LifeInvader will collapse and when it does, anyone who owns any stock will hurt when it happens. Sell your stock and sell it quick! Sell anything you have invested in LifeInvader before the mission “Friend Request” in Grand Theft Auto V. The mission will have you rig a prototype cell phone that the company has built. They ... Read More »

‘Tinkle’ Stock Investment Advice


Your going to want to invest in Tinkle, but not until you spot the hitchhiker near his abandoned Sedan (hood raised and engine smoking). This businessman is in a hurry and hitches a lift to the airport. If you race him to the destination in the time limit given (02:20), he rewards you with a stock tip. Location: Ineseno Road, ... Read More »

GTA V Stock Market Explained


Have you invested in the stock market lately? Maybe you have, but you haven’t made a decent return on your investments yet. There’s a technique that works very well with BAWSAQ and LCN stock exchanges. Invest in companies that your hired to assassinate the competition. You will receive jobs, for example; a job with Franklin will have you invest in ... Read More »

End Game Stock Market Sabotage


Buy low, sell high, and destroy airplanes while doing it. The biggest reward for completing the final heist in GTA V’s story is the large sum of money you earn for each of the three characters. Each of the methods below will earn you a couple thousand dollars at a time, but that’s just pennies and dimes compared to the ... Read More »

How to Make Money on BAWSAQ – GTA V


We go over a very thorough guide with lots of tips and tutorials on how to make money with BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange in the Grand Theft Auto V stock market. Make sure you have lots of cash ready to invest to make a decent amount of money. Its best to beat the game before getting into the stock market ... Read More »

Thriving Economy & Commerce


Every day the stock exchange is minting millionaires who know how to play the market. Thanks to online trading with the BAWSAQ stock exchange, you can lay it all on the line by betting on a stock that you read was going to be a sure thing. Or do like many hedge fund managers and embrace the time honored tradition ... Read More »