How to Make Money on BAWSAQ – GTA V

We go over a very thorough guide with lots of tips and tutorials on how to make money with BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange in the Grand Theft Auto V stock market. Make sure you have lots of cash ready to invest to make a decent amount of money.

Its best to beat the game before getting into the stock market business in the game. You can make a lot more money with the more money you have after beating the game. Preferably a couple million bucks to invest.

Invest with all characters to profit with each character to make lots of money.

Watch the missions you do and invest in companies before completing the missions. The stock evolves around your GTA V missions.

  • iamjonny

    where can i see what i paid for the shares? I have 22m worth of tinkle and i aint sure how much i put in…